Poetry by Jambo Stewart


Flown from the Angles on July fifteen

A triple sided commune, the plan pristine

But plans they can change, as people sure do

So evolve and adapt, and come up with a new

Make camp near the Rock and try to survive

And better our future, for this we strive

Analysing the past with each careful move

With eyes on the future, we look to improve

The situation around and the situation we’re in

Working smarter, not harder, that’s the way to win

Don’t surround oneself, with a simple ‘here here’

Be called to account, by those who remain near

Self affirmation, is taken to extremes

But very little comfort can be sought in memes

Without the people to back up, the ideas and insight

Knowledge and wisdom, we use to enlight

The world we inhabit, and the people around

We mustn’t forget, that we are all bound

By subjective experience, and collection shared

Intellectual interpretation, that should be aired

This is for old and new, faithful friends

For those who’ve helped us through The Bends

For the family we’re given and the family we choose

For whose in our corner, whether we win or we lose

Appreciation is present, indeed it’s sincere

Know we are close, even when we’re not near

Images in my mind, memories start to crack

Melancholy overwhelms, when we look back

‘Cause your faces are so clear, this feeling is stark

But we’re just silhouettes, silhouettes in Stoke Park

Reminisce on occasion, more than I’m certain

See us again before the final curtain

Souls altogether, not a single one bored

Truth in my heart, we’ll always have the Ford

In time things’ll change, again and again

Stop to look around, every now and then

Forward with conviction, don’t delay

Maybe you’ll see us on the way

Enjoying the now, ’cause I know we’ll soon be

Silhouettes once again, silhouettes by the sea


By Jambo Stewart

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