Disturbed Literature

The writings of Jambo Stewart


By Jambo Stewart


Is the latest craze

Another drawn-out maze?

An entertaining mass distraction

Leading you off the path to satisfaction.

Do you find little decisions

Drain your mental energy

I hope you see

Sooner rather than later

When it all falls apart

You’ll be back at the start

The Broken Spoons

“Budge up. A little closer. Perfect.” Continue reading “The Broken Spoons”

I dream

Poetry by Jambo Stewart

I dreamed a dream of the night before,

When I awoke I was craving more.

T’was purer and truer than any real thing,

Where the people, they dance and the birds, they sing,

But a song of peace and a dance of love,

A happiness shining down from above.

When I awoke, oh my eyes, they burned,

Denying the truth that I had learned,

The land that appears in my own dream,

Does not exist, or so it would seem.

The world where I live is not one of peace,

You can plaster a crack, iron a crease,

But the scars of this world, remain forever,

My life is devoted to this endeavour.

To change for good, I’ll find peace only then.

Or perhaps I’ll just go to sleep again.


By Jambo Stewart

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The Addiction

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The Sound of Rain

Poetry by Jambo Stewart

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Monday Thoughts: Wasted Gaming

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Disturbed Literature Update

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