Poetry By Jambo Stewart

Is it easy for you to be critical?
Or have you the mind of a cynical
Your lyrics are subliminal
The gaps and spaces in information
With data of your own creation
Conspiracy theories
In a series
Of unrelated events
I watch your angry vents
Shake my head
In disbelief
What a load of grief
You give yourself
It’ll affect your health
It’ll harm your soul
If you don’t
Let go
Of that which you can’t control.

In times of crisis
Do you ally with the state?
Or do you make a statement
Of dissent?
Devil’s advocate
Of the powers that be
With the master key
That powers the thought-control machine
Leading the clean
The undisturbed
To the icy depths
Of their deaths.
Maybe then I’ll see through
The way you say you do
And admit
That the world needs critics too.

Originally posted in Writer’s Fight Club