Poetry By Jambo Stewart



You used to make me smile

In a past time so far

You once wrote:

“Remember me forever or I’ll kill ya”

What bitter irony

Thatt you laughed throughout History

Only to join it too young

Your song’s been sung

For over a decade now

No-one’s giving up anytime soon

Like a pack howling at the moon

Even though we all sing in a different key


Does it please

You to know?

That when we met to and fro

I heard every word that you said

Though our paths had digressed

You knew mine was a mess

You reserved judgement

Helped where you could

And still found a way to brighten the day

For all this I would

Never forget


So if Blackadder’s on the TV

Or I watch a certain Tarantino movie

When I hear the funny line

We’d once recite all the time

I can’t listen

Without hearing your voice


You still make me smile