Poetry By Jambo Stewart

Too much or too little
With no inbetween
Either hideously dirty
Or remarkably clean
Wick burns at both ends
Or no flame at all
A long-distance sprint
Or a moderate crawl

Two pedals to push
One: high acceleration
The other: the brake
For rapid retardation
The problem is thus
I lack a delicate touch
Wearing myself out
Or stagnating too much

Will alone is not sufficient
Discipline is a must
Pacing day-to-day
Building up my trust
Trust in myself
To do the right amount
And not to distract myself
By stopping to count

Which me will I be?
Burnout or recover?
Motivational injection?
Or comfort-eat and smother?
It changes per day
Depends where I put
My long-reaching leg
And my heavy foot.

Originally posted in Writer’s Fight Club