Silhouettes is a poem I wrote when feeling particularly nostalgic, about a year after moving country. During the last two years before leaving England, I made some new, close relationships with a handful of like-minded (though very different) individuals. And then I left.

It has a lighter feel than some of my earlier work, due to its aroma of self-reflection, and for me serves as a memory of times past and the important people in life. Often we fall into the trap of thinking that those close to us will always be around physically, so that when there is a geographical distance, we find ourselves in a slump, morning friends that still live.

Silhouettes also serves as a reminder that nothing is permanent. People move, wander and even get lost. A reminder that new relationships form and situations change, but if you have connected with others on a truly human level, the power of those connections can get you through the darkness.

By Jambo Stewart