Four is my favourite number. I was born on the fourth, I count in fours, and when deciding how many of something to eat, I generally settle for four.

Poetry, for me at least, is as much about the challenge as the expression. One day I had this idea that I would write four poems, each with four stanzas, consisting of four lines each, with only four words per line.

That’s 4x4x4x4. 256 words.

To make it extra challenging, I vowed not to repeat a single word. I named it The Law of Four Challenge.

Using these guidelines I penned The Motions of Emotion, where each poem reflects the feeling I had at the time of writing it.

Enjoy reading The Motions of Emotion

Incidentally, if you’re a poet, why don’t you challenge yourself to write a Law of Four poem?

By Jambo Stewart