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The Time Machine

H.G. Wells classic gives us a vision of the future, eight-hundred millennia from now. Continue reading “The Time Machine”

The Broken Spoons

“Budge up. A little closer. Perfect.” Continue reading “The Broken Spoons”

Disturbed Literature Update

On April the 8th I took a day off from everything. Continue reading “Disturbed Literature Update”

Problem Boys

John felt apprehensive staring at the varnished oak door that stood ahead. He’d been told to wait by the door by Madam Lutzier. He was awaiting his punishment for escaping the Home. Continue reading “Problem Boys”

Space in the Office

Today was a strange day for me, tonight was stranger. I met a girl, a girl I thought I’d never see again. She was definitely there though, standing in the middle of the high street, spinning around in circles with an umbrella slid down the back of her yellow volunteer’s jacket. Continue reading “Space in the Office”

Silver Liquid

Eigraw lay slumped against a rock holding his abdomen, trying to stop his Royal Elven blood from escaping the knife-wound. He screamed in pain. Continue reading “Silver Liquid”

Camping with the Devil

© Copyright Photograph by Shazz and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Barry sat beside the main road, waiting for his mate Callum. It was a fairly cool summer night, a good night to go camping. Continue reading “Camping with the Devil”

Dark Thoughts

The other day I overheard a conversation. I think they were talking about the gory horror film Hostel (2005), when a woman said: Continue reading “Dark Thoughts”

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