A list of my stories with expired contractual agreements and/or have been rejected by too many competitions. I used to refer to my blogged stories as being ‘relegated’, but in fact, it is immortalising them. Keeping them safe and free for all in my cyber cave.

Flash Fiction

Blue Light

(349 words)

Written from a writing prompt provided by The Angry Hourglass.

The Moth and The Butterfly

(312 words)


Written after a long, drunken walk. Read full reflection

The Original Selfie

(631 words)


A Blog Battle entry. Theme: Selfie   Genre: Mythology

Problem Boys

(945 words)


A Blog Battle entry. Theme: Rebel    Genre: Horror


(1,377 words)

Pyromania was written for a short story competition a long, long time ago. Read full reflection.

 Silver Liquid

(997 words)

Silver Liquid is my very first Blog Battle entry. Flash fantasy fiction: dwarves, elves, humans (well one of each at least). Theme: Liquid   Genre: Fantasy

The South Gut

(1,793 words)

I wrote The South Gut after a short holiday to Devon, one of the only times I had ever feared for my life. There isn’t any fiction here, this is purely anecdotal. Read full reflection.

Short Stories

The 25th Hour

(3,993 words)


The 25th Hour was part of my first short story collection, Aldershot Stories, which won the Koestler Gold Award for a short story collection in 2009. Read full reflection.

Camping with the Devil

(3,207 words)


I dug this really old story out recently. Camping with the Devil was part of my short story collection Aldershot Stories, which won a Koestler Gold Award back in 2009. I cringed when I typed it up again, the writing is scruffy and doesn’t flow very well, and the weighting is terrible. I was considering a rewrite, but after reading it again, I left it be. Read full reflection.

His Love of April

(2,129 words)

Another from the collection Aldershot Stories.

Space in the Office

(2,187 words)


Written from a random spark of inspiration. Read full reflection.