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Disturbed Literature Update

On April the 8th I took a day off from everything. Continue reading “Disturbed Literature Update”

Pragmatism vs Ideology

Over the winter, I saw a picture on a Facebook group which showed a dog in a kennel with the words underneath: Continue reading “Pragmatism vs Ideology”


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This isn’t a movie review. I don’t usually write movie reviews, but every now and then there comes a film that I have to write something about. Continue reading “Inception”

Spiritual Moment

The other day I had a spiritual moment. A fleeting but gratifying feeling of universal consciousness. Continue reading “Spiritual Moment”

A Myth Perpetuated by Trojans

You should never look a gift-horse in the mouth


If we look close enough, we can often see patterns in nature. Patterns in cell structure, crystal formation, flora and fauna distribution. Continue reading “Patterns”

Dark Thoughts

The other day I overheard a conversation. I think they were talking about the gory horror film Hostel (2005), when a woman said: Continue reading “Dark Thoughts”


I saw today’s Daily Prompt was doubt, and some vague recognition sparked as though I was seeing the future. I wasn’t not at all, I merely remembered the past.

Continue reading “Self-Doubt”

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