The delirium has worn off and I’m finally dry, so here’s a more coherent run-down.

What have I been upto?


I finally carved out time to finish Stephen King’s ‘Needful Things’, the last in the Castle Rock series (that was until Premium Harmony was released). I read Animal Farm also for the first time, there’ll be some thoughts on those to come.

Bumbling around Writer’s Fight Club mostly, poetry battling the locals, so there’s more of that to come.

I took some time to write some fresh pieces, so I’ll be editing over the coming weeks. I’ll also be polishing a handful of other stories which are sadly reserved for competitions so you won’t read them anytime soon. Nevermind.

In the meantime I’m looking for some consistent Flash competitions (weekly preferably) in the run up to September’s Writer’s Games. If you know of any, be a legend and let me know in the comments.