Poetry by Jambo Stewart


Interesting subject matter
Because it matters
I feel the pitter-patter
Of your feet
Drawing magic circles
Through my mind
As you wind
Your words and ideas
Trying to prey on my fears

Yet that of which you write
At length, it has been written, since
The Nineteenth Century, the fight
Within Man
And Woman alike
Internal struggle
Duality of mind
Can be attributed to The Devil
And God, of course
But let’s take it to another level

Suppose you blame one or the other
This deity
That deity, or another
Built a religion upon
Lack of reconciliation
Between the dark and the light
You describe
Ignorance of the mechanism
Between You and Not-You
Leads to Evangelicism.

Suppose you understand and learn to reconcile
Your demons
And learn in a while
To find acceptance
Even hope
And peace
Throughout life
There’d be a glint in your eye, as deities fall
And you realise
No-one needed them after all

Did I throw you off the scent?
Mixing witchcraft
with God, has the light bent
This silhouette
Out of proportion
Fourth stanza
I believe
That your mind is free
Because (You know it, I’m sure)
You’re a heathen like me.