“Budge up. A little closer. Perfect.”

“Really? Your arms are cupping my boobs.”

“Five seconds ’til the picture, head down. Three, two, one. Okay done.”

“Good. I could feel things crawling underneath me.”

“Wonderful Dana it couldn’t have come out better.”

“What’s with the board anyway?”

“It’s going to be an album cover for an American Indy band, The Broken Spoons. They contracted me to create one, so I’ve been listening to their album all week.”

“And this is what you came up with? Boy and girl sitting in front of a large photo?”

“Well obviously it won’t look like a photo-board. It will look like we are sitting in a park somewhere.”

“Sounds a bit corny Ashwin.”

“Well it’s my vision Dana, don’t stifle my creativity.”

“Sure.. but why can’t it be authentic. We live in a modernised cabin in the Highlands of Scotland. How quaint and romantic is that?”

“It doesn’t fit with the album Dana. Besides, I can’t pigeon-hole myself by continuously taking pictures of the Highlands. The only album covers I’ve done so far have been ‘Sounds of Nature’ volumes and Scottish Folk Music. Modern bands want creativity and human passion, and I need to expand.”

“It just feels so forced. Come on. Where did the picture even come from? And where was it taken.”

“I found it in my dad’s old collection. I don’t know, Seattle or something?”

“So you’ve got a contract for an American band, then you’ve dug out an old picture of somewhere you think might be in America, and given me grassy shorts to impress them. Do you not think you’re trying a little too hard?”

“It’s Art Dana. Here let me show you the picture.”

“Let me guess. You’ve put a black and white filter on?”

“Why? Do you think I should have used Sepia?”


By Jambo Stewart