I recently started writing flash fiction. It is very challenging, writing a story in a mere few hundred words, particularly as my mind tends to wander. I’ve written short stories before, then revisited them to find a great novel concept. In my mind I have vast back-stories for many of my pieces, though trying to convey the ideas in such a short story is somewhat difficult.

On the other hand, for an up-and-coming writer, flash fiction definitely has marketing potential. I have found that my short pieces have reached more people than many of my longer ones, especially seeing as there are so many free-to-enter competitions floating about.

One such competition is provided by The Angry Hourglass. They host a weekly prompt competition that guarantees someone will read it, which makes it all the worth entering. My entry ‘Blue Light’ even received an honourable mention, and some fantastic criticism, a little ego-nugget that I swallowed whole.

This week’s winner has now been published: Ghost Town Radio (Barnstorm)

The other great thing about this flash competition (and some other similar ones), is that there isn’t any complications with publication rights.

So here it is, immortalised on Disturbed Literature:

Blue Light

By Jambo Stewart