The 25th Hour is the first horror story I ever wrote. I was at a writing retreat when I was asked to try my hand at horror, using a title from another story Thirteen O’clock as a prompt. When I returned my first draft to the magazine editor, I was sent a councilor to check my mental state, just as a precaution. I haven’t edited it since, aside from clearing up a few typos.

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The 25th Hour was part of my first short story collection, Aldershot Stories, which won the Koestler Gold Award for a short story collection in 2009.

What’s more interesting about The 25th Hour is that a week ago, whilst piecing together content for the blog, an image popped up on my news feed. It was an image of Louise Margaret Hospital, the same hospital in which I was born. The same hospital I based The 25th Hour. It took me by such surprise that I had to contact the artist and seek permission to use it with the story, to which he obliged.

© Photograph by Alan Dobson (credit)


This terrifying photograph now sits proudly with the story, closing The 25th Hour full circle.

Incidentally, check out some of Alan Dobson’s incredible work Aldershot at Night. It really shows the town in a different light. You can also find him in The Book of Faces.

By Jambo Stewart